Hungry Hearts

A Bible Study of Men who Hunger for the Lord

​A bi-monthly group led by Gary Ott diving verse-by-verse into the Scripture. The Hungry Hearts digest God's truths, discuss the abundant Life found in the person of Christ, and reflect on the transformation of living by grace through faith. 

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You, Lord, now that we are saved and ready for spiritual growth, rather than moving us straight into blessing, You begin to engineer a series of circumstances that will take us into times of perplexity, frustration, humiliation and failure, but ultimately will lead to the fulfillment of the promises You implanted at the moment we believed.  But these circumstances can be, and most times are, quite bewildering.

Rather than the circumstances moving directly into blessing, financial or otherwise, they seem to take us farther away from it.  These contrary, painful times of testing are designed to bring us to the end of ourselves, to the end of confidence in the flesh, to the end of self-trust and our attempts to help You bring about the fulfillment of Your promise.  As Abraham, we must raise the white flag of surrender and say, “I can’t”, “I quit”.  This experience is a prerequisite!  There is always testing before blessing, an emptying before filling, death before life, and crucifixion before resurrection.