Hungry Hearts

A Bible Study of Men who Hunger for the Lord

​A bi-monthly group led by Gary Ott diving verse-by-verse into the Scripture. The Hungry Hearts digest God's truths, discuss the abundant Life found in the person of Christ, and reflect on the transformation of living by grace through faith. 

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You have shown me so much about this experience called Brokenness.  The necessary suffering and the God-ordained afflictions that come in the form of plans that are dashed and dreams that are crushed.  The death of a vision occurs, on purpose, by Your design!  Coming to a place of “hoping against hope” as Abraham did is crucial in the process of fulfilling Your promises to us in the way that brings You all the glory!

The Dreamgiver was written about the need for us to lay down our weapons, our talents and abilities, even the “feather” (the one last little vestige of self) before the Dreamgiver goes into action to supernaturally fulfill that which He promised in the first place.  As long as we hold on to the idea we must contribute, You will not act in the fulfillment of Your promises to us.

Again, though Sarah was barren, it wasn’t until Abraham was impotent and quit trying that You supernaturally caused Isaac to be conceived.  Ian Thomas, the author of The Mystery of Godliness once said, “God never moves in until we vacate.”  Amazing, but true, isn’t it?

So, You want us to take a perpetual vacation from trying to live our lives by our best efforts and permit You to move in and live Yours through us. Rather than constantly asking You to help us, relegating You to the rear and our efforts to forefront, we begin asking You to just “Do It”, with or without us, putting You out front and center and our efforts off the table entirely.